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FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm EST
unions to get the guest worker program to kill immigration reform back in 2007. >> sean: i'm a trust and verify guy. the history of assumer and barack obama and durbin is always politics. president didn't fully embrace what the bipartisan group of senators said. why am i suspicious? every time he has an opportunity to exploit it, he does so politically. do you this agree with me, that republicans need to proceed with caution? >> absolutely. there are so many complicated parts to this. even if you had trust with all the partners, you would want to pay a lot of attention to detail. look, the president -- you touched on it earlier. there was an unnecessary threat out of the blue. i was reading the text to the speech, he was outlining what he was sort of proposing which was somewhat in agreement and out of the blue he says if you are unable to move in a timely fashion, i'm going to set up a bill on my proposal and insist that you vote it on. that is typical stuff we see from the white house that is completely unconstructive and undermines trust in the white house. >> sean: two reasons i
FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm PST
president obama laying out one of his points when it comes to immigration reform and nearly 11 million undocumented people living in the country. it comes after senators unveiled their own proposal. that prompted one lawmaker, texas congressman lamar smith, when you legalize those tha it costs millions of dollars and costs american workers thousands of jobs and encourages more i am illegal games. and compounds the problem... is he right? joining me is jay secolo and francisco hernandez. welcome you both back. >> sean: jay, is this amnesty or do you agree or do you like the rubio plan? >> i like the rubio plan, but the president is calling for amnesty. what senator rubio has proposed is similar to what president bush put forward in 2007 when senator barack obama voted against it. he voted against hit because of the labor unions. labor unions didn't like the legislation. you said it correct. proceed, negotiate, negotiate with caution, but there is another phrase we have to be careful about and this is pathway to citizenship. if we don't already have pathways to citizenship, we do
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm PST
future workers it to serve our work force needs. tomorrow, president obama is expect today layout his vision for sweeping immigration reforms and billed as a major speech, however, ahead of that and in response to what we heard today out of the senate i thought i would share my views, as a conservative on this topic. now, the issue of immigration has been used as a political wedge by democrats for years. and now, republicans, they have been falsely accused of not caring about latino immigrants because the republicans demand that our borders be secured and secured first. now, let's cut to the chase, if we don't secure american borders, we'll never be safe as a country. this has got to be a top national security priority. now, this issue is a whole lot bigger than people just coming to america they want opportunity. because the terrorists across the border, drug smugglers, and the impact has been massive. and impact on education, criminal justice system has cost this country billions and billions of dollars. now, as this debate moves forward. i want to warn republicans in the house
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)